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Coreopsis Cruizin' Series

Bauer's Forever Flowers Perennial Farm is Cruizin' now!! In addition to Coreopsis verticillata 'Route 66' PP#20609, Patti Bauer has added more Coreopsis to her Cruizin' Series.

These hot new Coreopsis additions have proven their hardiness. They have withstood actual temperatures to minus -18 degrees below zero with wind chills to minus -32 below zero. Coreopsis like full sun with good drainage. They are very draught tolerant.

The bloom season for the Coreopsis Cruizin' Series is from late June until mid October in zone 5. We are pleased that Bobby Saul and his team at Itsaul Plants in Georgia is our acting agent for the Coreopsis Cruizin' Series.

Coreopsis Cruizin Series


  Coreopsis Verticillata 'Sunset Strip' PP 22670 remains nice and upright at between 18 to 20 inches high with a spread of about 20 to 24 inches. 'Sunset Strip' glows a bright orange-yellow with reddish undertones. It is almost fluorescent against deeper red shades in the garden.
  Coreopsis Verticillata Broad Street PP 24598 is a bright scarlet red Coreopsis growing to a 15 to 18 inch mounding habit with dark green threadleaf foliage. Prolific bloomer all season. I absolutely love this bright red color of Broad Street. It should be on Broadway!!!
  Coreopsis Verticillata Main Street PP 24562 has rich deep rose-red colored flowers with dark green threadleaf foliage with a 15 to 18 inch mounding habit. Customers that visit my gardens absolutely love this deep ruby red Coreopsis. Prolific bloomer all season.






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